Palmyra House
Carrimjee House, 2015
Tara House
Tara House
Copper House II
Studio Mumbai
House-Detail, 2015
Belavali House

Bijoy Jain

Within his agency, established in the Indian megalopolis, Bijoy Jain creates a conscientious and demanding architecture, anchored in the relationship between Man and Nature. The specificity of Bijoy Jain's work lies in the search for a balance between tradition and modernity, through a process where hand and mind equally come to play. Local resources and Indian handicraft skills are at the source of a resolutely contemporary architecture.

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Lore (From 20.10.2015 to 20.01.2016)
Replay, Vincent Lamouroux
Solo Office KGDVS

First Architecture Park in Europe

Solo Office KGDVS