Shopping mall parking lot (Dubai), 2009
Valley (Beirut)
Mokkatam ridge (garbage recycling city)
Alley (skywamk), 2010
Outskirts II (Fnideq)
Train Depôt

Bas Princen

Bas Princen is an artist and photographer living and working in Rotterdam and recently in Singapore. He was educated as industrial designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven and later studied architecture at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Since then, through the use of photography, his work focuses on urban landscape in transformation, researching the various forms, outcomes and imaginaries of changing urban space.

Earth Pillar (From 04.06.2016 to 06.08.2016)
Wall Pavilion (From 06.12.2013 to 28.02.2014)
Replay, Vincent Lamouroux
Solo Office KGDVS

First Architecture Park in Europe

Solo Office KGDVS