Sala de Lectura Coppelia, 2013
Basaltos Transparentes, 2017
Burbuja Basáltica Gris uno
Estantería Burbuja Gris Dos, 2017
Sala de Lectura Quimbumbia, 2017
Babel Violeta, 2017
Sala de Lectura Cactus, 2017
Sala de Lectura Babel, 2017
Casi Verde, 2017
Sala de Lectura Estrella, 2013
Los Carpinteros

Los Carpinteros, Los Carpinteros

17.10.2017 - 09.12.2017

Formed in 1992 in Havana, the Cuban collective known as Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters) adopted its name and image in 1994, when they decided to renounce the notion of individual authorship and refer back to an older guild tradition of artisans and skilled labourers. By fusing architecture, design, and sculpture in unexpected ways, their work (full of elegance and humour) triggers reflections on the functional and non-functional.

In this series, the Solo Galerie highlights the collective’s continual playfulness with architectural vocabulary. Their steel Sala de Lectura sculptures are a direct nod to Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon, applied to maquettes of “ideal” libraries. The same pursuit of perfect, utopian architecture is evident in the watercolour series on display: the structures take shape like crystals of cooling basalt, in a method that simulates technical draughtsmanship, ultimately endowing purely natural forms with a calculated sense of structure and architecture. This aesthetic ambivalence between nature creating architectonic forms and architecture creating natural forms is encapsulated by the artists in the installation of a cave within the gallery: a paradoxical immersion in a primitive shelter formed by fractals.  

From 17.10.2017 to 09.12.2017 (from Tuesday to Saturday 1pm - 7pm and by appointment)
SOLO GALLERY SL (Calle de Jorge Juan 12 D, 28001 Madrid F)

Replay, Vincent Lamouroux
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