Bijoy Jain, Lore

20.10.2015 - 20.01.2016

Within his agency, established in the Indian megalopolis, Bijoy Jain creates a conscientious and demanding architecture, anchored in the relationship between Man and Nature. The specificity of Bijoy Jain's work lies in the search for a balance between tradition and modernity, through a process where hand and mind equally come to play. Local resources and Indian handicraft skills are at the source of a resolutely contemporary architecture.

The exhibition “Lore” highlights this unique approach, bringing together traditional expertise or wisdom, and modern culture. The art pieces shown reveal the matter itself of the ongoing construction sites.

“When I first met Studio Mumbai, I scribbled in my notebook: bamboo must be cut when there's no moon. Why? Because during those nights, there are no insects and bamboo will last twenty years. It was Bijoy Jain, an enthusiastic orator of traditional knowledge, which he communicates through the projects of Studio Mumbai.” Peter Wislon, El Croquis

From 20.10.2015 to 20.01.2016 (from Tuesday to Saturday 1pm - 7pm and by appointment)
SOLO GALLERY SL (Calle de Jorge Juan 12 D, 28001 Madrid F)

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