SO-IL, Forecast

The exhibition presents the gestation of a building. Seven approximations of the design, where no one study is capable of encompassing the project as a whole; instead it displays a living, growing archive of its becoming. Each study is simultaneously record, byproduct, and prediction. They portray the same evolving idea, each with a different set of partialities and constraints.

Each study is displayed as a discrete experiment. Together, they are a forecast of a building to be constructed in the near future. A building for the holding and display of art. A shrink wrap of concrete, where fundamental elements of the building; its systems of climate, lighting, and movement, distort the envelope and so shape the spaces which they serve in a reciprocal way. The envelope geometry is the natural settling of a surface in tension around these elements. The resulting whole plays a game of legibility in the medium of concrete, blurring the edges of articulation and continuity. One can imagine this collection of approximations as the essence of the building, which raises the question: at what moment is architecture realized?

(du mardi au samedi, de 13 h à 19 h, et sur rendez-vous)

Replay, Vincent Lamouroux
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Solo Office KGDVS