Office KGDVS, Bas Princen, Wall Pavilion

06.12.2013 - 28.02.2014

The Wall Pavilion is a cylindrical space built out of a thin brick wall. The walls are slightly whitened on the inside. A series of large projections of the Dendera walls, based on photographs taken by Bas Princen, are shown on the inside of the wall. The pavilion wall is tactile but thin and is a conscious obstruction in the exhibition space. The dimensions of the brick pavilin are developed in relationship to the format of the images shown. The projections of the thick walls are opposed in their roughness to the improbable elegance of their carrier, the wall of the pavilion. It reveals the two-faced nature of any perimeter, as it exists as both physical border and concept of hierarchy.

Perimeters and borders have always been a subject of great interest to both our practices. The apparent hierarchy implicit in any wall, seems to be the kernel of any relationship of the inhabitant with the inhabited landscape. If the city border is the very incarnation of the formal delineation of a territory, the urban border is in many ways much more ambiguous, as it is often the result of different stages of occupation, different stages of growth. The urban border is therefore merely a snapshot of a dynamic difficult to grasp. An urban border is a temporary concept, increasingly obsolete in a world that is completely occupied. Fragments of imposed hierarchy? Remains of city borders? Are latent anchors in our even covered field. They provide ways of looking. They direct the way we live in places.

Du 06.12.2013 au 28.02.2014 (du mardi au samedi, de 13 h à 19 h, et sur rendez-vous)

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